WMM Staytoday

WMM Staytoday

For a Maastricht based Housing management group we put the focus on their new product with a design and content solution.

Ter Steege Vastgoed

Ter Steege Vastgoed (real estate) is a company with many branches in the Netherlands. Active and renowned in the construction industry.

European Synchrotron Radiation Facility

The ESRF needed a new look for their plone-website. They selected Atopia because of the combined plone-knowledge and strong graphic design. Atopia created a installable plone theme product for ESRF.



Atopia websites are user friendly, complete, flexible, cost efficient and of high quality.

High quality

Our websites are characterised by a high level of detail and professional styling. The lightweight project management ensures clarity, flexibility and quality assurance. The underlying technology is robust, secure, innovative and not bound to a specifiec supplier.

User friendliness

Atopia websites are easy to use and to manage. Well-designed navigational structures and graphical styling create an intuitive user experience. Management of the website is simple and based upon the WYSIWYG principle (What You See Is What You Get).

You will see results immediately.

You can manage the website without technical knowledge.


Atopia implements the Plone Content Management Systeem (CMS).

Plone is a leading Open Source CMS stacked with features: word processing, layout, multi-language translations, detailed access control and workflow management.

Hundreds of additional modular components are available.


Every company is different. To connect your website to your business processes, we can develop custom components which express your business logic. In this way you can combine the power of custom-tailored software with the ease of use and robustness of a leading standard solution framework.

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