WMM Staytoday

WMM Staytoday

For a Maastricht based Housing management group we put the focus on their new product with a design and content solution.

Ter Steege Vastgoed

Ter Steege Vastgoed (real estate) is a company with many branches in the Netherlands. Active and renowned in the construction industry.

European Synchrotron Radiation Facility

The ESRF needed a new look for their plone-website. They selected Atopia because of the combined plone-knowledge and strong graphic design. Atopia created a installable plone theme product for ESRF.



The web has no limits. How about you?

Websites expose the souls of organisations. Dynamic or sleepy? Flowing lines or conflicting elements? Sustainable pace or rush job?


People judge organisations by their websites. To create and meet high expectations, requires a serious effort to integrate the web into your business processes.


Ask not what the web can do for you. Ask what you can do for the web. We focus on web-enabling the specific qualities of your organisation, using technology that guaranties maximal exposure and superior ease of use.


Atopia combines the expertise of seasoned web developers. We offer an integral solution: graphic design, website construction, custom software development and advanced hosting options, all realized in-house.

OSOSS: Open Source, Open Standards Software

Atopia implements open source technology: robust, secure, innovative and vendor independent. Strict conformance to open standards ensures a high quality finish, maximal reach, cross-device compatibility and future proofed solutions.

Atopia creates open technology solutions, empowering people.

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