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WMM Staytoday

WMM Staytoday

For a Maastricht based Housing management group we put the focus on their new product with a design and content solution.

Ter Steege Vastgoed

Ter Steege Vastgoed (real estate) is a company with many branches in the Netherlands. Active and renowned in the construction industry.

European Synchrotron Radiation Facility

The ESRF needed a new look for their plone-website. They selected Atopia because of the combined plone-knowledge and strong graphic design. Atopia created a installable plone theme product for ESRF.


Open source

Open source technology is innovative, high-quality and not tied to a specific vendor.

Open Source is more than a trick to get good software. Open source represents a specific attitude towards technology: openness, innovation, exchange, teamwork and freedom. Open Source projects are embedded in communities of developers, companies and users.


Atopia implements the Plone Content Management System (CMS). Plone runs in the ZOPE web application environment, which is a to J2EE comparable platform for web based software. These are vital open source projects that are commercially supported by large corporations. In the Netherlands one will find, besides Atopia, a range of companies specialised in Plone and Zope.


Atopia offers integral web solutions. But you can also host your website with another provider.

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